Book Review: Royally Loved!




A March Bride

Of The Year of Weddings Novellas

By Rachel Hauck

In another installment of The Year of Weddings Novellas, Author Rachel Hauck writes a sequel to her book Once Upon A Prince.  When you are a prince, how much can your country demand of you, especially when you have already petitioned them to marry a foreigner? King Nathaniel II of BrightonKingdom loves Susanna Truitt and three weeks from their wedding his Parliament insists she renounce her American citizenship. It makes sense that they are concerned she would influence her husband in political affairs concerning the relationship between the two countries and they want certainty that she will side with BrightonKingdom.  To add the fact it seems she is giving up everything to become the Queen, she also doesn’t have family and friends involved with the wedding. With illness and caring for the family elders she starts to doubt whether this wedding is meant to be.


This story shows that not all weddings are free of troubles, even royal ones. That behind the trappings of the wedding day is the real fact that two lives have to be intertwined to start anew. In this case, Nate knows Susanna is giving up more of her life and herself to become royal. Something he is already familiar with, since he was born into it he is not shocked when he doesn’t have privacy. It also shows how if you really love someone, you will go to ends of the earth to prove it.


This is a wonderful fairytale story complete with the prince and all his troubles as well as the loyalty of family. I think this was a wonderful addition to the series.


To learn about Rachel Hauck’s other titles visit her website at:


FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for free by NetGalley for review purposes.




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