Book Review: Can Love Survive the Tragedies of War?


An April Bride
Of The Year of Weddings Novellas
By Lenora Worth

In another The Year of Weddings Novellas, I find this one to be as endearing as the rest. Bride-to-be Stella Carson is awaiting the return of her fiancé, Marshall Henderson. He was out of country serving in the military when he suffers a head wound and is diagnosed with PTSD. To top it off, he has amnesia and doesn’t remember Stella. When he first returns to the states, he is in a Washington D.C. hospital where he refuses her visits.
Four weeks before the wedding, he returns home to Louisiana, unsure of how to proceed. He wants to do the honorable thing and fulfill his promises, but how can he when he can’t remember anything about his supposed love of his life. Shouldn’t love conquer all, even amnesia?
Stella is held in limbo as she is hurt that Marshall didn’t want to see her, even with amnesia. She understands, but also doesn’t know how to proceed. The invitations were already sent out; should she cancel the wedding, postpone it? War tore these two apart and only their faith and love can bring them back together.
This story shows how there is so much more to learn about PTSD and how war situations affect returning soldiers. How it affects the family and support members of our soldiers. Not everyone gets a Happily-Ever-After, being a romance story you’ll hope these two do.
To learn of Lenora Worth’s other titles visit her website at:
FTC disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for free from Net Galley for review purposes.


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