Book Review: Taming a wild fire, firefighter that is, can be challenging but oh, oh so rewarding.

Fighting for Love (Boston Love #2)

by Kelly Elliott

We revisit the Boston firehouse from Searching for Harmony (Boston Love #1) focusing on firefighter Finn Ward. Finn has a reputation of dating every woman that flirts with him much to the dismay of his fellow firefighters including his boss. 

They want him to mature enough to have what they have, a spouse, a family, love and security.

One day at a union meeting Finn is overwhelmed by a beautiful lawyer, Rory Adams. He tries to flirt to with her but is constantly thwarted by his boss. 

He thinks that someone like Rory would give him a serious reason to give up his playboy ways. The only problem is she is the daughter of his boss and his boss has issued an order that she can’t date firefighters but above all others especially not Finn.

Rory is working harder than everyone else at her mother’s law firm, trying to prove she deserves the position her mother gave her. She is trying to please both her parents until she meets Finn and realizes she might have to break a rule or two to be with him.

She hates having to keep him a secret, but her father could cause serious trouble for Finn possibly even putting his job at risk. Finn wants Rory to realize there is more to life than just working 80 hours a week.

Author Kelly Elliott creates another wonderful story delving into family drama and how parental expectations can help or hinder the life of their children. There is also the theme of judgement ever present in everyone’s lives. Finn is judged for his surface persona of being a womanizer and Rory is judged one, as the boss’s daughter given a prominent position and two, a workaholic.

Diving into their respective personalities you can see there is much more than meets the eye to both of these characters. They aren’t cookie cutter, cardboard cutouts. 

 Elliot has written a deep romance full of new adult angst and insecurity as these two characters learn to navigate adulthood and all of the responsibilities that go along with it. These characters grow not only in emotional maturity but also in realizing they have to live their own lives on their own terms while still being respectful to their parents. 

Fighting for Love encompasses the conflict not only between them, but within themselves and who they want to be.

Be sure to read the first in the Boston Love series, Searching for Harmony.

Visit Kelly Elliot’s website


FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by NetGalley for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded me. 


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