Book Review: Does Fear Keep You From Your Writing Dreams? 


by Nina Harrington 

NIna Harrington is a prolific writer of romance, an instructor of entrepreneurship, craft writing and self publishing. She knows what she’s talking about, drawing on her experience from the science field where she previously worked and her experience of over 15 years as a published writer. Her latest release is all about overcoming fear to reach your writing goals.  

Harrington discusses a tried and trusted plan to overcome fear, to stop procrastination, and to succeed in a writing career. This book is for fiction and nonfiction writers alike. Fear and procrastination as a reply if that fear haunts all writers regardless of content. 

By changing the mindset, writers can move beyond what is holding them back. While not a psychological therapy book, it has many steps to help a writer toward their goal. Nina Harrington is a prolific writer and she wants to help other writers become prolific as well. This book gets the right kind of motivation behind the writer, urging them toward the finish line. Using the 5-step plan, it can be related to other areas of anyone’s life to stop procrastination and find routines for the ultimate productivity.

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BookBlurb courtesy of Nina Harrington:

Are you Ready to Discover a Proven System to Stop Procrastinating and Move Forward as a Creative Entrepreneur? 

What you will learn: 

A scientifically valid and repeatable system which has been tested by authors and entrepreneurs around the world. 

An effective method to develop deep motivation and an entrepreneurial growth mindset based on your unique strengths and attributes. 

The five-step plan to power through procrastination and all of the negative brain chatter, and build solid working methods and routines which will form the foundation of your career. 

What’s Inside: 

I know how frustrating it can be to start each day with great plans about how much work we are going to achieve in the limited time available and end it beating ourselves up because, yet again, that precious time had slipped through our fingers because of procrastination. 

That’s why I have spent hundreds of hours finding out how successful authors and solo entrepreneurs have overcome procrastination and developed the deep motivation needed to achieve remarkable results. 

The result of that research is the MAGIC 5-Step System. 

How to develop powerful deep-seated Motivation and Drive. 

How to Leverage the Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset. 

How to Accept both your Unique Strengths and your Limiting Beliefs, and Create Coping Mechanisms around them. 

How to bridge the Gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the most effective and fastest way possible. 

How to Implement a practical action plan and Commit to New Working Processes which will transform your Productivity. 

How to realise your potential as a truly prolific author and creative Entrepreneur. 

Who This Book is For: 

Fiction and non-fiction authors who want to stop procrastinating, increase their productivity and complete more books and creative projects. 

Bloggers, writers and content marketers who need to produce content at short notice and need an effective fast-track productivity system to ensure that they can meet short deadlines. 

Solo entrepreneurs who are working around the conflicting demands of a family and/or a day job and want to make the most effective use of the limited time they have available. 

The 5-Step MAGIC System can be used by any author and creative entrepreneur, pre-published or published, who wants to identify the deep source of their motivation, stop procrastinating and build a successful career as a prolific author.

Bottom Line 

I have used the MAGIC system to stop procrastinating and leverage the power of motivation in my life. Now, this is your chance to use the same proven system. 

What have you got to lose? And more importantly, how much do you stand to gain

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Nina Harrington for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded me.


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