Book Review: Taking Superpowers to a grave new level!

The Darby Shaw Chronicles #4 


Liberty Speidel

In this 4th Installment of the Darby Shaw Chronicles, we see how having the power to bring back the murdered is so much more than it seems. Detective Darby Shaw is a superhuman that can not only bring back the murdered, but inflict justice on the perpetrator in the process. With Darby as the conduit, she can only bring the victim back to life if she is also touching the perpetrator. Which condemns the perp instantly to have only one more year of life.

This fourth book brings back her partner, Mark Herman, who is grappling with the new knowledge that he’s more than human, but not quite superhuman. A key bit of information that Darby found out about and didn’t disclose to him. 

This brings a lot of tension between the two of them and then add in a murder at the Superhuman affairs office and trouble is the least of what ensues. In good ole conspiracy fashion, there’s a mole in the office and the government agencies that want to dissect Darby now want to lock up all the super-humans concentration-camp style. She already distrusts the agencies, especially the Superhuman affairs office that previously abducted her and experimented on her. Distrust rules the day as humans fear the super-humans and super-humans fear the over reach of the government.

It just gets better and better as Darby finds out she has another power to add her already incredible one. The very office she is supposed to report her new power too, not only doesn’t trust her to find the victim’s killer, they don’t want her anywhere near them. It only makes her job harder to solve the murder as the conspiracy web gets untangled. 

This is a story that entrances you within its first pages and keeps you turning them until the end. Readers can’t help but wonder what new turn of events Darby Shaw will have to meet. I’m intrigued to find out what adventures await Darby Shaw in upcoming novels. That is a sign of great characters with great conflicts that author Liberty Speidel has created. 

Be sure to read the first three novels of the Darby Shaw Chronicles, Emergence #1, Retaliation #2, Capitulation #3. 


To learn more about Liberty Speidel’s other titles visit her website at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Wandering Word Press for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded. 


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