Book Review: Series Finale of the Beacons of Hope Series

Never Forget 

Beacons of Hope #5


Jody Hedlund

In the final installment, author Jody Hedlund, rounds out this series with beautifully crafted characters and a story of grace and love. 

When Abigal, “Abbie”, Watson is forced by desperation to lie in order to save her Grandfather, she gets herself into more trouble than she accounted for. 

In this time period in 1880, it was still frowned upon for women to be lighthouse keepers. Abbie’s grandfather, Hosea, is the light keeper for the Rose Island lighthouse, in Rhode Island. The problem is he is losing his memory as age creeps up on him. As Hosea and his now departed wife raised Abbie and her sister, Debbie; Abbie feels she owes him everything to make the rest of his life as comfortable as possible. She is willing to do anything so they remain at the lighthouse where he has his routine to keep him stable.

She married a man she didn’t love in hopes the lighthouse superintendent would make him assistant keeper. Her husband Nate was drunk even on their wedding day. It didn’t matter to Abbie as she did most of the keeper duties anyway. Then one day Nate didn’t return. 

After several months his absence was noticed by a competing lighthouse keeper across the way at the Goat Island lighthouse. Zeke Crawford didn’t tend the lighthouse as well as he could, instead he spent his time digging for lost pirate treasure. The real reason he wanted the Rose Island position was to dig for the treasure Captain Kidd supposedly buried on the island. 

Later that day Nathaniel Winthrop III was entertaining on his yacht. Fans of Jody Hedlund will remember Nathaniel as the former fiancé to Victoria Cole from Forever Safe book #4. He and his friends were heavily drinking when a storm sprung upon them. Nathaniel was thrown overboard after being hit on the head by a swinging piece of the mast.

The next day Abbie found him washed up on the shore of Rose Island. She dragged him back to the lighthouse where Hosea helped her take him inside. Nathaniel suffered from amnesia and when he assumed he was Abbie’s drunken husband Nate, she didn’t correct him. 

The Superintendent paid them a visit after Zeke complained. Nathaniel’s presence solved the immediate problem of the missing assistant keeper if no one looked too closely that he didn’t resemble the real Nate. 

Lies compound and Abbie finds herself buried in them, as she even has to lie to Hosea to keep him from senile agitation. Nathaniel goes along with the ” stories” to keep Hosea sound. Abbie then notices that having Nathaniel around improves Hosea’s state of mind. She is reluctant to tell Nathaniel the truth if it means she might lose her grandfather to the memories of the past again. 

Of course lies have a way of revealing themselves and brains have a way of healing lost memories when you least expect them. Love can find a way to heal the sins of the past, but can it heal the sins of the present? Can forgiveness pave a way for love in the future especially as betrayals are revealed? With hope it just might be possible.

Jody Hedlund ends the Beacons of Hope series with this wonderful tale of desperate love, self forgiveness, selflessness and sacrifice. It is a must read to see how the ship-wreck-driftwood-cross once again heals lives and is a beacon of hope for not only the characters but the readers of this series as well. 

If you are new to the Beacons of Hope series be sure to check out the prequel novella Out of the Storm then the full length novels #1 Love Unexpected, #2 Hearts Made Whole, #3 Hope Undaunted and #4 Forever Safe.  

For more information about Jody Hedlund’s other series please visit her website at 

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Northern Lights Press for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded. 


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