Book Review: Using a flawed mouse to catch another flawed mouse makes for a thrilling cat chase! 

The Judas Game by Ethan Cross
A Shepherd Novel

Ethan Cross reunites his readers with federal investigator Marcus Williams and his serial killer brother, Francis Ackerman, in the fourth installment of the series. This time it takes a psychopath to find a psychopath. Flawed doesn’t even begin to describe how broken these villains are as the chase begins in an outstanding way.

An experimental technological prison system goes awry in every which way it can as it is over run by the inmates. The system was made to make being overrun impossible, but much more than the experiment is at stake. 

The Shepherd organization is called in to investigate when one correctional officer betrays the system by sharpshooting inmates and his fellow guards. Highly controversial, the team puts Ackerman in the prison as an undercover inmate. Each inmate wears an electronic band that stops them from aggressive behavior. 

Ackerman decides he not only will find the mastermind behind the blackmailing of the guard, but he will test the system too. In his usual rebellious style he ups the ante and finds himself in the middle of an uprising between a faction determined to escape and the other inmates they use as collateral damage. 

The two brother characters alone are worth reading this series. Francis Ackerman is the type of villain that disgusts you just as he intrigues you. You want to feel empathy for him but then laugh at his antics and then cringe in repulsiveness. It is his unpredictability that makes him perfect for tracking down the story’s true villain. His partnership with his brother Marcus, brings new layers to the story that make this a fascinating read. 

It takes almost the entire story to find out what the Judas Game really is, or for that matter which character is really Judas. There are so many flawed people in this story which enables the true criminal mastermind to be camouflaged in the mass of characters.

It is fast paced with an intricate plot line that will keep the reader on edge as they are whisked along for the adventurous ride. Thoroughly entertaining, it is a great addition to the The Shepherd series! 
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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by The Story Plant publishing for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded me. 


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