Book Review: The mood outside is delightful…let’s be kind, let’s be kind, let’s be kind. 

Twelve Days of Christmas 

 By Debbie Macomber

Could you treat someone with kindness even after they wronged you? Especially during the Christmas holidays? 

Julia Padden lives across the hall from Cain Maddox, however neighborly would be a stretch to define their relationship. 

Julia is that chipper “good morning” person, whereas Cain doesn’t want to speak to anyone before his morning coffee. Preferably two or three morning coffees. So when he sees Julia coming down the hall toward the elevator he already occupies, he wishes the doors would close before she reaches them. When she reaches it in time, he is abrupt in his answers and rude to her morning glad tidings. 

Julia is one of two final candidates for a social media job. The job she has been wanting since she graduated college. The company proposed a blog competition with the candidate earning the largest following would earn the job. With 12 days until Christmas Julia’s friend Cammie suggests “Killing Cain with Kindness” as her blog subject. 

The next morning Julia caches Cain about to steal her newspaper. Outraged that he would be so despicable, she realizes annoying Cain with kindness just might soothe her ire. 

So she plots to find every opportunity to be in his face with Christmas kindness and blog about the results each day of her experiment.  

Julia loves the Christmas season as she volunteers to play piano for a church choral group that performs at the assisted living complex; where would you guess, Cain’s grandfather, Bernie resides. 

She also accompanies the children at the Boys and Girls club and is a bell ringer volunteering to solicit donations in the little red bucket. 

She sounds like the perfect person until she realizes her judgement of Cain makes her almost as bad. Cain on the other hand is more than the Scrooge Julia thinks him to be. Can her kindness make him trust again? Can Julia break down the wall around Cain’s heart? Will there be a Merry Christmas for all of those involved? 

Debbie Macomber weaves a delightful tale sure to put you in the Christmas spirit. Her theme of kindness is a call to action to all of her readers. With rudeness abound, we can all give a little kindness to those who wrong us. Perhaps we can see we need kindness at every turn, even to ourselves. 

You can’t go wrong with Debbie’s Twelve Days of Christmas, you’ll be laughing and cheering all the way through!

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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only; no compensation was awarded me.


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