Book Review: A Thriller So Plausible It Makes You Wonder! 

Give Us This Day

A Brooke Burrell Thriller 


Tom Avitabile 

It was a typical day for former FBI agent, Brooke Burrell on assignment to “help out” a colleague. Then that typical day became a day not found in the textbooks at Quantico. In Avitable’s thriller, the action is fast paced, the stakes are the highest and you hope Brooke and her team will save the day.

It is refreshing to have a female lead that is tough, courageous and demands respect through her actions, but is equally sensitive and caring. Brooke Burrell won’t ask anything of her team members she isn’t willing to do herself. It is this heroism that finds her in life threatening situations that she barely takes a breath from before charging after the next threat. It is her selfless personality that makes her a good leader unwilling to stop until everyone is safe. 

The story of her day escalates from an operation to expose a money laundering ring at a Wall St. capital firm into thwarting a major terrorist attack on New York City. An unexpected attack that would out-terrorize the 9/11 attacks. 

The story is so artfully crafted that the reader learns about the twists and turns just as Brooke and her team does. It is brilliant in its complexity, but equally entertaining. It is true enough to real life, but imaginative to the fact it couldn’t actually happen. Just the way fiction is supposed to be- creative with just the right touch of welcoming into the story world.

Author Tom Avitable has the reputation for writing thrillers that keep you turning the pages in a rush of adrenaline, Give Us This Day is no exception to that rule. There are scenes that will have you holding your breath waiting to see if they are still alive. He holds no punches and keeps battering these characters until the very end. 

This is a continuation in his “Thrillogy” series, but stands alone in its separate storyline. Be sure to visit his website to see the lineup so you don’t miss out on any of the other thrillers.

I hope to meet Brooke Burrell and her team in many more adventures.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by The Story Plant Publishing for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded.  


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