Book Review: Weirdly Enticing, this is a Thriller Mystery you don’t want to miss! 

A Time of Torment   ACharlie Parker Thriller

by John Connolly

Another installment to the Charlie Parker series, John Connolly takes the reader kicking and screaming to places they probably didn’t know existed. Fascinating and repulsive at the same time, this thriller makes you want to question if you really want to stop at that little known town. 

Private Investigator Charlie Parker knows about a world unseen to the average person. Coming back from the dead he is on a mission. His dead daughter assists in his new mission giving him insight only she can see. He has to protect his other daughter, Sam, because she has a role to play in saving humanity from the evils of the underworld that keep creeping from the shadows. With the two girls flanking each side, Charlie fights to keep evil from destroying everything.
When Jerome Burnel meets two sons of an isolated community intent on bringing back The Dead King, he unknowingly sets into motion a series of events that brings Charlie Parker into the mix. 

Burnel kills both sons when they attempt to rob a diner. He saves the people inside from a possible abduction and rape. In the brother’s van is a young woman tied and gagged.

However, Burnel’s hero status doesn’t last as he is set up with child pornography found on his desk computer and in a box in his basement. 

The father, Oberon, of the murdered sons takes his revenge on Burnel, but not before Burnel tells his side of the story to Charlie Parker and his associates Angel and Luis.

The Cut is an isolated community that keeps to themselves except for the criminal raids they utilize to get things they need for their community. Which includes women they imprison to impregnate to either bring new blood into their community or to sell off the infants for money.  

Charlie Parker has to unravel the stories to find the truth and find where this Dead King resides. 

Author John Connolly writes a fantastic thriller with a very large cast of characters. At first it is difficult to see how each of the stories threads tie together but when he binds them the resulting journey is a fast paced ride into the mystical and criminal world. 
If you love thriller mysteries with an air of the mystical then you need to read A Time of Torment!

Be sure to visit John Connolly’s website to see the other titles in the Charlie Parker series at

FTC Disclaimer: I was lent an ARC of this title by NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for review purposes only; no compensation was awarded. 


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