Book Review: A Look Behind The Curtain of a Professional Speaker 

Keynote Mastery

The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker

by Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Part memoir, part instructional, Keynote Mastery gives a glimpse into Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s life as he became a professional speaker. 

He tells how he rose through the ranks of professional speakers to become sought after and high earning. While it was balanced more toward the memoir side in comparison to instructional, there is a lot to be learned from his first hand accounts. He is brutally honest in sharing the hardships he endured to attain his current success. The reader gets to follow along in an abbreviated form of the several years that it took to gain that level.

He gives business tips and strategies to not only improve yourself but to follow along the path so you can, with hard work, attain keynote mastery. 

There are accompanying worksheets with exercises that he links to the book. He teaches by example not only with what you should do, but with which pitfalls you should avoid. 

With very few resources about how to proceed in this profession, Keynote Mastery gives you a hand up to start your journey. 

Patrick Schwerdtfeger writes in an easy going style as if he were sitting at the kitchen table sharing his advice. While he does mention his other books, he doesn’t boast of how great he is. He tells his story from a humble point of view that will reach more people than the grandiose styles of those wanting to have guru-status. 

If you want to pursue the interest in keynote speaking, then you’ll want to read this book. 

Please visit his website to see videos, learn more and find motivation at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by NetGalley for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded. 


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