Book Review: Kelly Elliott crafted a beautiful, moving story; an in-depth look into the humanness of the soul, of life and of love.

Searching for HarmonyBy Kelly Elliott



Author Kelly Elliott’s writing style commands her readers to empathize with her characters. In Searching for Harmony, she pulls on the heartstrings from the first chapter and doesn’t let go. I couldn’t help but be in tears sympathizing for Harmony Banks at the tragedy of her life. Elliott crafted Harmony so masterfully that she leapt off the pages becoming so real it was impossible not to share her emotional turmoil.


Harmony became pregnant weeks before she and boyfriend, Trey, were to graduate from high school. Her parents gave her an option; have an abortion and continue on to Harvard or have the baby and be disowned. They decided to keep the baby and get married. However a marriage based on a baby isn’t the recipe for a successful, lasting relationship.


Tragedy strikes in the first chapter changing everything for Harmony. A car accident introduces her to Preston Ward, a firefighter and first responder on the scene. This particular accident haunts Prestonmaking him question his job and his career path.  


While Harmony, a nursing degree student, heals from her grief, she learns of a betrayal that shakes her to her core. Preston is at her side through it all, wanting to be the support that she needs. They both have to overcome emotional scars to realize they have a connection far deeper than their respective wounds. In the midst of the tragedy they find hope. They find healing; they find love in each other. 


Kelly Elliott crafted a beautiful, moving story; an in-depth look into the humanness of the soul, of life and of love. This story transcends the tropes of the Romance genre. While it will still appease the expectations of die-hard readers, it has a depth of emotion that will surprise them as well. Truly this is an exceptional story that will touch you and be remembered for years to come.


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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley and Random House for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded. 





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