Book Review: A female cop you wish were real bringing justice to a whole new level!

The Darby Shaw Chronicles: Books (1)-Emergence: A Superhuman Detective Novella (2) Retaliation (3) Capitulation
by Liberty Speidel 

Darby Shaw lives in a world not too different from our own. Technology is more advanced than current standards, but not so far into the future as to be implausible. She’s a patrol officer with the Bendex police company. 

Before her shift ends she gets called to a domestic disturbance that turns into a homicide scene. The unthinkable happens. While wrestling the perpetrator, she accidentally comes into contact with the dead victim. An electric charge builds up between Darby, the perp and the victim bringing the victim back to life. 

Darby had never done anything like this before. In this world Super Humans are distrusted and she just joined their ranks. Superhuman abilities usually present themselves during puberty, Darby is a late bloomer at her age of 26. Now her life is completely turned upside down. 

In this world police forces are independent contractors with each city. Darby is employed by Bendex. Previous to her incident she had taken her detective test to earn the detective shield. When she thinks she’s going to lose her job, Bendex officials surprise her by giving her the detective promotion permanently assigned to homicide. They see her as an asset that can bring murderers to justice instantly, as only the killer can complete her resuscitation connection to bring a victim back to life. 

Author Liberty Speidel crafts a wonderful story world where the reader can’t help but empathize with Darby Shaw. As the government wants to cart her off to an equivalent of Area 51, Darby has to fight for her rights. She is an unprecedented superhuman with abilities no one has ever seen before. However, her biggest desire is to live like she did before the incident. 

She gets partnered with Detective Mark Herman who takes her under his wing to protect her as a partner should, and much more. As the story progresses with each episode in the series, the danger to Darby is more pronounced. 

Her first criminal dies in prison exactly one year from the day he was used to resuscitate his victim. His body deteriorated as if he’d live to be 90 years old. Moral dilemmas make Darby question if she should be using her abilities to save lives when she was in fact taking the life of the criminal to do so. 
Add in the nefarious government agency that abducts her and runs the tests they want on her, Darby is not sure she wants to ever use her powers again.

Then in an unexpected twist, a betrayal murder happens too close to home that forces her to choose between those she loves. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Darby Shaw Chronicles and I hope Speidel will continue on with the series. She has created a wonderful cast of characters and a story world that is entertaining and thought provoking. Beyond just the simple “what if” Shaw’s dilemmas make the reader question what they would do if faced with similar circumstances. You can’t help but root for her to get a happy ending to her story. 

Please visit Liberty Speidel at to learn more about her other books. 

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Liberty Speidel for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded. 


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