Book Review: When the saying “Somebody’s watching me” takes on a different connotation.


 The God’s Eye View

By Barry Eisler

America willingly gave the NSA permission to collect personal data and spy on its citizens all in the name of thwarting terrorists. The God’s Eye View delves deeper into a secret program that utilizes every conceivable way to “watch” not only America, but anywhere in the world.

General Theodore Anders receives a phone call in the middle of the night from General Mike Remar. Their God’s Eye Program could possibly be compromised by another Snowden-esque type leak.

When NSA agent Daniel Perkins contacted reporter Ryan Hamilton, concerning the “accidental” death of an NSA woman he was seeing; he inadvertently put a target on his own back. General Anders sends two of his henchmen to take out the men before they become a national security problem but more importantly before they inform the world about the God’s Eye program.

Of course mishaps occur and the lines between who is really the traitor becomes the real question. Is it the NSA agent leaking information, or is it the General that will stop at nothing to keep his perception on national security safe?

Barry Eisler knows how to grab the reader’s attention and keeps twisting the plot putting the characters you care about into more and more peril. It’s more than sitting on the edge of your seat, the reader will not be able to put the book down once opened to the first page.

  Utilizing his personal experience working for the CIA, Eisler paints such an accurate picture that doesn’t require much suspension of disbelief.

  The plausibility of a God’s Eye program and the plausibility of someone with power misusing that power under the guise of “ for the greater good” isn’t a far stretch of reality.

  The characters are written with such depth that they live off of the pages and can easily be imagined in the minds of the readers. When the real antagonist solidifies his unwavering stance and those that believed in him start to falter in that belief, it shows how even the most hardened hearted people can be redeemed. It shows that there is hope in people of conscience.

If you love espionage, governmental sub-agency thrillers you can not go wrong with The God’s Eye View.

Be sure to visit Barry Eisler’s website to see his other works and sign up for his blog at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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