Book Review: An Outstanding resource for any plotter or pantser! 

  Weiland understands what she’s doing, better yet that translates to what she’s teaching. Outlining Your Novel is perfect for all writers as her different approaches can be used for novels, short stories (if pared down), and re-tooled for non-fiction. There are little gems of wisdom throughout and she teaches through examples that make sense not with some obscure passage that today’s readers rarely have read.

 Her teaching methods are relatable and can be adapted to any writers style. She explains that there is not one right way but rather several options to custom tailor an outline to each individual writer. 

She is thorough in detailing what is needed for a complete outline. She covers everything from premise to scene lists to character sketches, scene structure, POV, setting, down to adding backstory and when/where it would be appropriate to do so without bogging down the plot. She has author interviews in each chapter giving first hand accounts of outlining processes from the trenches of successful authordom. 

Any writer can find something in this treasure that has become a much used reference book that is revisited time and time again. 

Also excellent is the accompanying workbook if you want more of a visual approach to the teachings of this book.
I can also recommend her Structuring Your Novel and workbook that ties in with further explanation to Outlining Your Novel.

Be sure to visit her website for other writing books at and her personal site for her fiction at


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