Book Review: This Robin Hood-esque Y/A heroine will steal your heart!


A Daring Sacrifice

By Jody Hedlund 

Meet Juliana Wessex in the year 1390, she lives in the forests on her father’s stolen land. After her uncle rode in with his small army, she was forced to leave her home. Her father was dethroned as the Lord of Wessex by his usurping brother. After her father lead an unsuccessful rebellion, he was tortured and killed. Lord Wessex believes his niece died in the uprising and believes only his son can claim the Wessex land.

In true villainous form, he raised the taxes on the peasants forcing several of them to flee their homes to live in the forests. Juliana denounced her nobility birthright to become the Cloaked Bandit. She lives with the secret that her true identity can not be revealed to any of the nobility she robs. In the Robin Hood fashion, she steals from the rich to buy food and clothing for the people forced from their homes.

Lord Wessex known for his cruelty, maims anyone hunting on his land. When Juliana disguised as a man is captured hunting squirrels, Lord Wessex wants to punish her by chopping off her thumbs. Dangerously close to having her secret revealed, will she escape intact?

Lord Collin Goodrich returned upon his father’s death from his service with the Noblest Knight, the Duke of Rivenshire. Goodrich‘s land and estate neighbor the Wessex land. When Juliana flees from her encounter with her uncle, she hides in Goodrich’s forest. One day while Collin is out riding with guests and his sister, Juliana finds the opportunity to enact revenge from a childhood grievance. Disguised as a teenaged boy, she robs him much to his amusement. This is when he learns of the heinous treatment by Lord Wessex. Knowing how the Noblest Knight would abhor Lord Wessex’ behavior, Collin wants to bring justice to the land and to restore the Wessex lands to its rightful heir.

Much more than just a romance, Author Jody Hedlund brings to question moral questions such as if something wrong is done for the right reasons does it excuse the wrongness of it? Is telling a lie okay if it helps someone else? Is stealing for the poor going to keep Juliana out of the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it right to judge a person based on their birthright (nobility) or lack of rather than the weight of their actions?

Author Jody Hedlund has a gift for creating realistic characters that entice the reader to follow them through trials and celebrations. She makes them feel real, as if they are friends you want to wish well. In A Daring Sacrifice her talent continues as she takes the classic Robin Hood story and twists it into this wonderful young adult adventure. Hedlund seamlessly brings her experience with writing historical romance into her young adult series; making them rich in detail and highly entertaining. She captures the essence of her character’s time period, the reader can only help but feel as if they are actually there.

Be sure to visit her website to see where to purchase the prequel The Vow and the first in the series An Uncertain Choice and to learn when the sequel will be released at

FTC Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this title from Jody Hedlund and Zondervan publishing for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded.





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