Book Review: Lucia di Rossi gives My Fair Lady’s Eliza Doolittle a run for her money in this charming tale.


A Reckless Desire

The third historical romance in the Breconridge Brothers trilogy

By Isabella Bradford

In a twist of the classic Pygmalion, A Reckless Desire pleases in its elegance and charming characters. In classic playboy style Lord Rivers Fitzroy rebels against his father’s insistence of marrying a woman of status. His brother’s have sired only females and their father, the Duke, demands a male heir.

Rivers sequesters himself in academic pursuits and finds comfort within the books occupying his libraries. When he does come up for a fresh breath of air, he finds entertainment in his favorite troupe of Italian dancers. He and his friend set a wager that Rivers could teach one of the dancer’s cousins to be a better actress than the troupe’s favored prima donna. To complicate the wager she must pass for a lady of the London stage.


Lord Rivers gets more than he bargained for and finds himself treading waters he’s never been in before. Lucia di Rossi is an outcast among her family of dancers. Her inability to dance as all the others in her family sets her apart. Her most secret desire is to be respected as a great actress, to show her family she is much more than the disappointment they think she is. This wager could be her lucky shot at proving that very desire.

Rivers spirits Lucia away to his country estate where the transformation begins. Elocution lessons, manners and behavior befitting a lady of status are added to the acting lessons in order for Lucia to pass as a true lady of London. Lucia throws herself into her new role learning everything she can and taking full advantage of the opportunity to better her situation. She has made it abundantly clear she is not like her dancer cousins and will not be seduced into becoming Lord River’s mistress.

However the more time they spend together and the greater the actress Lucia becomes Rivers doubts his ability to keep her at arms length away. He has to acknowledge how much this woman has touched his heart. Lucia forever grateful for all that Lord Rivers has done, has to ask herself to which side of her heart does she stay true, the side that desires the stage or the side that desires Rivers?

A Reckless Desire is so endearing and wonderfully crafted, it is enchanting. While the society and world in general seem to be at odds to tear these two apart, can they admit their feelings for each other before it is too late? While the basis is similar to a rich gent teaching a lower class woman, this tale is refreshingly new and thoroughly entertaining!

Isabella Bradford has crafted a wonderful novel full of love, heartache, familial drama and spirited devotion to make George Bernard Shaw very proud.

Be sure to visit her website to see the previous books A Wicked Pursuit and A Sinful Deception in this trilogy at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net a Galley and BantamDell Books for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded.




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