If you love a book, read this article from Book Riot’s Claire Handscome on how to spread the word.

99 Ways to Spread the Word About a Book You LoveBY CLAIRE HANDSCOMBE

You’ve bought a book, and you’ve fallen in love. Or, your best friend’s first novel is coming out. How do you make sure as many people hear about these books you love or these authors you care about? I have a feeling, completely unquantifiable and unprovable but borne out by my own experience, that the more times someone hears about or sees a book, the more likely they are at least to check it out and see if it’s something they would enjoy. So all of the things below matter! They may seem like tiny things, and many of them are, but cumulatively, they make a difference. Many of them take seconds and most of them cost nothing. But if you want to put in serious money, time, creativity and commitment, there are options for those, too.
Note: it’s probably best to spread these out over days, weeks, or even months, and across different social media, so that people don’t get thoroughly sick of the very mention of the book in question. That said, the first few days of a book being out are crucial, so by all means go all out (within non-spammy reason) during that first week.
Buy the book. Buy it early. Buy it often.
That first week of sales matters immensely.
1. Pre-order the book.

2. When the online store prompts you to, share that pre-order on social media.

3. Buy the book for other people.

Read the rest of the article at http://bookriot.com/2016/01/20/99-ways-spread-word-book-love/ 


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