Book Review: Can one bad decision make ripples to send the whole Snow Globe, or Aja’s life into a whirlwind of trouble?


Snow Globe

By Jeanne Skartsiaris

Snow Globe- Shake it up and see what chaos will fall. Aja Harmon is no stranger to trouble. It follows her around as her hippie mom moved her year after year following a just cause or wanderlust.

Its Aja’s senior year of high school, she just wants to graduate but finds trouble at every turn. She was working at Abercrombie & Fitch but loses her job when she sticks up for a child being abused by its mother.  Having a strong moral compass she finds she makes decisions that often lead her into unintentional trouble.

When other people’s perceptions and judgments become too much, she makes a bad decision that leads her onto a path of karmic retribution.

Haunted by past situations her mother forced her into led to a police record; arrests for protesting the cause of the month. Her mother is a professional psychic complete with the sign on their front lawn.  Her reputation casts a wary shadow over Aja’s life and dealings with the people of the Texas town. Aja mistakenly thinks that fleeing the state to California will end all of her troubles.

When a corrupt and mentally unstable cop preys on the troubled teens of the area Aja becomes an unwilling heroine in not only saving herself but also a group of teens. She brings to light an injustice that has been happening for years and changes the perceptions of the same people that couldn’t look past her police record before.

Snow Globe is a fantastic coming-of-age story showcasing the perspective that a teen with psychic abilities is not all what it seems. Aja shuns that part of her life, and is embarrassed by not only her mother’s profession, but her lack of normalcy. She longs to be normal like all of the other kids, but contradictory she also knows deep down she doesn’t really want to be like them.

This story delves deep into the teenage abyss of an unknown future, finding one’s true identity and acceptance of being different than everyone else. It also discusses the consequences of one’s actions, not only through the justice system, but also within relationships. Snow Globe is entertaining, and funny, and endearing all wrapped up in a glittery round package.  Any teen, or adult for that matter, will enjoy this story and root for Aja to find her happiness and finally accept who she really is.

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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only; no other compensation was awarded.


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