Book Review: An endearing exploration of that all important time between teen-hood and adulthood.



The Changing Season


Steven Manchester

Author Steven Manchester has captured that stressful time of a high school senior’s last moments of school going into that last summer of teen-hood; a coming-of-age at its best.  In his emotional tale, the reader follows Billy as he navigates the moments he becomes more than a high school graduate.

Near the very beginning, there is a horrific car accident that shakes the town. A young life is ended with consequences that reach beyond the reader’s expectations.  Billy is entrusted with a dark secret that shakes him to the core. He comes to the realization that even the best of people can make mistakes and it alters the blind trust he had as a child.  It is this first building block that moves him into manhood.

As the story progresses, Billy is faced with the dilemma of how to earn enough money to pay his way through college. He leaves his job as a dish washer at a Chinese restaurant to gain employment at the local animal shelter.

There are so many moments of personal growth for Billy as he learns that he can’t judge his father in the same cut and dry manner as he did before. As adulthood slowly settles onto his shoulders, he gains new perspectives. He learns forgiveness for not only his own faults but those of his father, and his friends.

At the beginning of the story, Billy has no idea what he wants to be in life. He has no idea which degree he should pursue. He hasn’t truly loved anyone else besides his trusted dog, Jimmy. When Billy was little they adopted Jimmy from the very shelter where he now works. He’s come full circle from being a boy adopting a dog, to being a young man caring for other dogs and cats like Jimmy.  It is through the interactions with these animals that he learns valuable lessons and even finds his true calling.

He even finds his first love in Vicki. She not only helps his heart grow, but their relationship also sets yet another building block onto the foundation of his character.

Through it all, Jimmy has been by his side even though his age hinders him from doing the puppy things he once did.

It is this bond between dog and boy that secures this story in the hearts of the reader. Add in all of the little moments of realization that add up to one truly heartfelt story and the reader can’t help but be moved by sharing the journey.

Every adult can find something within this story to relate to their own journey through The Changing Season. It is remarkable how true to life this story captures those very moments.

The Changing Season is available for pre-order now for its release date of February 23, 2016

To learn more about Steven Manchester and his other titles, please visit his website at:


FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only via Steven Manchester, The Story Plant and Net Galley; no other compensation was awarded.



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