Book Review: When the history of a Colorado Mountain town is wrapped in a feud between to founding families, you’ll need to dig deep to get to the bottom of this mystery.

shouldve said no


Should’ve Said No

A Thistle Bend Novel


By Tracy March


Formerly employed at the Smithsonian, we meet Lindsey Simms. She is moving to Thistle Bend, Colorado to become the curator of a new heritage museum being built. She unknowingly is at the center of a historic feud between her relatives, the Karlssons and the Crenshaws.  It all had to deal with a land dispute and both sides hope she will put their individual families at the center of attention and as the benefactor of said dispute.


Worse off, she can’t reveal that she is related, although by adoption, to the Karlssons. On her first night she runs into Carden who is trying to fix up the “cottage” she will be renting. It isn’t until the next day that she finds out he is a Crenshaw and the most eligible bachelor in Colorado. He is the executive director of his family’s trust but prefers to work on his ranch.


His mother wants him to charm her to ensure their family is painted with the utmost respect in the museum. However, he didn’t know he’d fall for her charms instead.


This is a romance with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. There is mystery as Lindsey sorts through the clues, the historic donations and the stories of the townsfolk. As a mystery sleuth that tracks down the slightest clue to add credibility to her museum artifacts she is used to digging in the dirt. However, she finds herself elbow deep in history with no definitive answer as to who really was the deserved victor of the land dispute.  That is until she meets two mysterious ladies that give her the museum items holding the truth; the secrets within surprise both families as well as the entire town.


The romance between Lindsey and Carden heats up only to flame out and the reader is left to wonder whether after the museum’s grand opening anything can rekindle between them.


This story has so much going on, it keeps the reader on their toes eager to delve into the mystery alongside Lindsey and yes even Carden. It is an enjoyable read with the promise that the story continues long after the last page in the next installment titled Just Say Maybe. Thistle Bend proves to be the quintessential mountain town and the population is as interesting as the mystery surrounding their beloved home.


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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley and Penguin Random House for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.




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