Book Review: Who is the real predator lion or man?



The Lion Hunter by Daniel Pembrey
Take a short safari in this action packed novella as you follow Andrew Riley, a Times journalist, on an adventure of his lifetime. 

On his honeymoon he is staying at Three Trees Lodge with his new wife when he meets Dr. Jim Patterson, a trophy hunter. Patterson is celebrating his latest hunt the night before his departure back to Texas. 

Andrew questions his personal stance on a strongly held belief and follows a lead into the heart of trouble. He wanted to investigate the perspective from a hunter’s point of view. While he knew the inherent dangers ironically he didn’t know he’d be walking into the lion’s den as the saying goes. 
This story delves into immediate controversy as the animal rights groups contest the game hunting, the hunters’ groups protest any interference and the people of Africa have their own opinion of what to do with the lions that share their habitat. Add in political-religious strife and you have a hothouse of differing opinions fighting for dominance. 
After the controversial Cecil-the-lion media frenzy as of late, this story sheds light on a few other views not heard in the Western media. In this story territorial hierarchy takes on a whole new meaning adding another dimension of danger to our journalist and his wife. It really begs the question just how far will journalists go to get the story? The Lion Hunter is a fascinating look into what can happen in the Savannah. Entertaining and captivating this is a Kindle Single you don’t want to miss!

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FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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