Book Review: Who knew Juicing could be sexy?


Crazy Sexy Juice

100+ simple juice, smoothie & nut milk recipes to supercharge your health

Plus an energizing 3-day cleanse

by Kris Carr

She’s been on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday touting the benefits of juicing and healthy food as a medicine. If you haven’t heard of her, Kris Carr is the queen of Crazy, Sexy… as in Cancer Tips, Diet, Kitchen and now Juice.

She lives by her word. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, because of her “personal crisis” she searched for her own “personal wellness revolution.”  By utilizing a plant-based diet she feels healthier than when she was first diagnosed. This is her story of sharing her “journey into the transformative powers of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.”

She starts off by explaining her theories of why the average American doesn’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables; be it lack of preparations time, shelf life, price, taste and/or method of preparation. She has found the answer within the 100+ recipes of juice and smoothie combinations. When a person sees over a pound of fruits and vegetables before they go through a juicer it looks like a lot of food. More than an average person would want to consume in one sitting; after a run through a juicer and that same amount looks manageable and ultra healthy.

More than just a recipe book, Kris mildly explains some science behind the reasoning to juice/blend. She also explains the difference between types of juicers and blenders. She gives you a section on prepping your kitchen and even grocery shopping with tips to save money. Washing and cleaning these gifts from the earth is important to remove the bacteria, sand and possibly pesticides if not buying organic, which she includes methods to keep them clean.

In part two of the book, the next section is a listing “Spotlight” on greens and then fruits/vegetables with tips on how to select them, how to store them, their top nutrients and their individual health benefits. She includes “Superfood Boosts” and substitutions to make these juices/blends as nutritional as possible.  A FAQ section is next where she dispels myths of juicing and tackles areas of information that many people want to know.

What about all of that pulp from juicing, isn’t it a waste? Not in her house, she has recipes for making crackers, veggie burgers and other dishes so nothing goes to waste. Straight into the juice section she starts off with cleanser recipes with a “Mellow Green” juice then onto a “Classic Green Lemonade” etc.  Healers are up next with recipe names such as “Root Power”, “Immune Boost”, “Garden-in-a-glass” and more. The next section is Boosters for the time of day when an energy boost is needed.  Our skin and healthy glow can’t be left out, she adds Beautifier recipes to make sure we slow down the aging process and use ingredients to deter bloating while keeping hydrated.

The smoothie section is equally as generous and detailed with pH warriors and green smoothie recipes. In section 9 she details nut and seed milks. In part three of the book
she outlines a three-day cleanse and gives recipes, snack options, and grocery lists to help each step of the way.

The photographs throughout the book are not only eye-catching, but are artistic and detailed. You feel like you can reach into the book and lift a fruit or a glass of juice right off the page. They are inspiring and beautifully crafted.

Kris Carr and her team have created a book full of health and full of vitality that would not collect dust on our bookshelf. This beautiful volume would find its pages with weathered corners as it would be used again and again. That is a testament of its worth, how delighted a reader utilizes these recipes to regain optimal health and that effervescent smile that comes from drinking these juices.

To learn about Kris Carr’s other books: Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, Crazy Sexy Diet, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and watch videos please visit her website at

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FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Hay House Publishing via Net Galley for review purposes only. No compensation was awarded.


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