Book Review: An Imaginative Dystopian Y/A phantasmagoric tale!


Sing Down the Stars

by Laura Hatton

Its Airbender abilities meets Steampunk tech, meets Hunger Games Government, meets Divergent females, meets Alien influence and its all wrapped up in one novel. Author Laura Hatton writes a fantastic tale about Penn who was born a Celestine. Aliens came to Earth hovering above in the atmosphere but never landing on terra firma. Then they left and it began to rain. No one knew there was something in that rain because ever since that day girls were born with unusual abilities.

Penn’s story is unusual because she is the fifth daughter.  The Warden’s Commission watched to see if a first daughter had any abilities and on occasion it’d be one of the four elemental abilities; fire, water, earth, air. If there were subsequent daughters, they’d have a different ability than the first daughter. It was even rarer after a second daughter to have a third and fourth.  So in Penn’s case her parents had five daughters, making her one of a kind in addition she can call down the stars. She was born a twin, but her brother tragically died when she cried and burning hail poured from the skies because of her untrained ability. A Celestine has all four elemental abilities plus more.

At 16 years old, she has to pretend to be her twin. Her father Magnus Roma runs a whimsical circus called The Show in which he can hide in plain sight the abilities of his daughters as circus performers. That is until a particular warden decides he wants to end this show. Penn’s sisters are abducted and the circus her father built is destroyed. Penn is whisked away to safety by her father’s mechanical creations. Her father built into the circus tents a special protection much like a Faraday cage to control the severity of Penn’s power. When the circus is destroyed, she has to learn to control her ability without the help of her father or her sisters. She is in search of her father to find answers and to regroup with the circus survivors that were to rendezvous at the safe house.

So much happens in this exciting tale as she undergoes her journey to find out who she really is and why has her family been protecting her for so long. She learns the reason the Warden Commission is really after her. Along her journey she tries to rescue her sisters and others like her.  There are so many unexpected twists that the reader quickly wants her to succeed and to get away again and again from the clutches of the narrow-minded wardens.

It is a fantastic, entertaining read with hopes of sequels to come. It’s thrilling in all the right places, and captures your attention to ride along in Penn’s pocket through her struggles and triumphs.

For more information about L.J. Hatton visit her Amazon Author Page at:

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title through Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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