Book Review: Faeries are real and are out to take over the earthly realm; at least they are in Shattered Blue of the Light Trilogy.


Shattered Blue

Book One of the Light Trilogy

By Lauren Bird Horowitz

First we meet 16 year-old Noa as she copes with the death of her 17 year-old sister, Isla. She returns to Monterey’s Harlow Academy, “California’s answer to elite East Coast boarding schools,” after her sister’s funeral. Then we meet Callum Forsythe as the transfer student; only he isn’t as he seems.

This Y/A novel is a twist on the supernatural teen romance where the mysterious boy is new to town and meets up with our troubled heroine amid danger and adventure. Instead of supernatural vampires or werewolves, Callum comes from another plane of existence altogether. He comes from a realm where his father is king of the fae; a realm where the fae are divided by colorlines which relate to their respective talents. These aren’t the cute Disney-esque fairies. This realm has been at war due to the hierarchy of talents. Under his father’s command, Callum led many warriors into fierce battles to retain the order of that hierarchy; until now.

Callum finds comfort by Noa’s side as they both have lost someone dear to them. Only Callum has also lost his home. His father banished him to our side of the earthly plane as his punishment for the death of his little sister.  As the adventure continues, Callum finds out he isn’t the only one from his home that is here.  To survive on this side he has to absorb light which is taken from human energy. He inadvertently takes some from Noa and it scares him. He doesn’t want to injure her or any other human in any way.

We then meet Callum’s younger brother, Judah, just as trouble begins to stir up once again when he comes to our side to bring his brother home. Callum is the responsible older brother that took care of Judah and their baby sister. Judah is the rebellious brother that wanted to fight against their tyrannical father’s rule. Family dynamics is an important theme that runs throughout the story, both in Callum’s family and in Noa’s.

This story is filled with twists and turns as the reader tries to figure out who really is the “bad guy.” Of course, it also twists for who really is the “good guy.”   When the line between what is done with good intentions and what is done for selfish gain blurs, the reader is taken on a whirlwind throughout both realms. Will history repeat itself and will all of those involved learn their lesson to bring peace to everyone? Can they all overcome their grief without blame?

This first installment of the trilogy leaves the reader with many questions but overall is a most entertaining read.  The surprises at the end definitely leave a cliff hanger making the reader want more. I’m eager to learn more as the next book hopefully will explore the other realm in more detail.

To learn when the next installment comes out and take a “What fae colorline are you?” quiz, visit her website

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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