Artist Spotlight: Introducing Vaeana Jewelry

Meet Victoriana!

The founder, artist, designer, and dreamer of Vaeana.

Vaeana was imagined when Victoriana realized she had a love of creativity that mirrored her love of jewelry. At fifteen years old, she decided to start Vaeana as a way of raising money for her college education. Her dream is to pursue business by earning a college degree and to inspire others along the way to do the same.

Her dedication for detail and quality has been the driving force behind each Vaeana design. Every design she envisions and creates is attentively hand made with love to ensure a quality piece of jewelry that allows you to express yourself fully.

With each Vaeana purchase, you help her take one step closer to her college education, which leads to one step closer for Vaeana to pay it forward to help and inspire others. Thank you for helping her share her dream, for sharing Vaeana.


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