Book Review: A Young Adult Archangel Series of Global Consequence, Entertaining, Enlightening, and Electrifying.



Dark Rising

Book Two of the Archangel Prophecies Series

By Monica McGurk

Author Monica McGurk twists the threads of this story so expertly the reader is caught in her net within the first chapter.

Dark Rising is the second book of the Archangel Prophecies Series.

In the inaugural book Dark Hope, 16-year-old Hope Carmichael is introduced along with Michael who becomes her protector. The dark, seedy underworld of human trafficking is brought to light as they fight against its evilness. In Author Monica McGurk’s stand against modern day slavery a portion of proceeds from both of these books will be donated to organizations that fight against human trafficking.

In Dark Rising, the saga continues when they are on the run and further details of Hope’s destiny come to light. Learning of a prophecy, it leads them to find a key to open Heaven’s gates. Monica McGurk takes the reader into her story world that traverses history as the characters hop from Atlanta to Istanbul, Turkey to Ireland to France. Her descriptions of the historical places and the details of their travels pull the reader along as if they were in the caravan of travelers. Danger lurks along the journey’s path as they outrun several factions that are on their heels. One clue leads to another to push them to find the next until peril finally catches up with them.

However, this is not only Hope’s story. McGurk chronicles what Hope’s parents endure with her missing yet again. It reminds them of her abduction when she was just a toddler. They find answers to the meaning of the mark she received during that abduction. They find solace in each other’s arms as they had grown apart and now come together again.

This story continues the growth pattern of Hope as she navigates not only teen-hood, but how her choices have consequences to herself and to others. She is not a victim, but must decided whether following the advice of her angelic companions is in her best interest or theirs. Many missteps could have been prevented if she had taken the time to think through her actions before leaping forward. It is definitely a story that makes the reader ask what they would have done if they were in Hope’s situation.

The detail of settings that McGurk captures and the suspense/thrill of the adventure make this story an electrifying and entertaining read. Once you start reading, it definitely hard to put down.

For more information about her stand against Human Trafficking, her other books and her blog, please visit her website at

For educators, she has a guide to bring awareness of this cause to classrooms, please visit to learn how you can bring it to your classroom too.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title via Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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