Book Review: The Next Must Read Book of Thriller/Suspense!


Blind Justice

By Ethan Cross

Author Ethan Cross has created a character so compelling, DCIS investigator Deacon Munroe, pulls himself off of the pages into real life.  Blind Justice hooks the reader in from chapter one, when General George Easton, Commandant of the Marine Corps is quickly introduced and just as quickly taken out. Deacon has been long time friends with George. At the crime scene George leaves tell-tale signs in his death to alert Deacon that all is not what it seems.

Deacon Munroe lost his eyesight on the tragic day of 9/11 during the attack on the pentagon. Now ten plus years later he is still investigating, using his other senses to solve crimes that sighted people seem to miss. However, this crime is personal and the FBI sees it only as a murder/suicide; something he is adamant that George would never do.

Deacon relies on his childhood friend, Gerald Dixon, to be his eyes for him. Gerald describes details of crime scenes and helps deacon navigate through life both professional and personal.  Through unfortunate circumstances, Deacon finds himself alone and in need of another assistant. He finds it in former Marine, Jonas Black. Jonas is also tied in with unraveling the mystery of a government/military cover-up.

As this quick paced story unfolds, several characters are introduced that impact Deacon’s life.  Naval Criminal Investigative Service Agent Katherine O’Connell will join Deacon and Jonas to pursue the thread of solving the mystery and staying an execution for a man she put behind bars. Added to the melee of “what could go wrong does go wrong”, family members become endangered and a public catastrophe has to be averted during the ticking countdown allowing them to solve all aspects of the mystery.

The primary antagonist Antonio de Almeida works for Ramon Castillo. Ramon is the head of the Castillo Cartel of Mexico hell bent on avenging the deaths of his family supposedly murdered by the American Government. Antonio believes he is a soldier in this war against the US and wants to honor a code which only he knows. He thinks innocent lives shouldn’t be taken but will do so if they interfere with his “missions”.  The typical cat and mouse games of most stories in the Thriller genre are followed, but with twists that make them new and interesting.

At 316 pages the story is divided into three parts, Ethan Cross pulls you into his story world and doesn’t let go until the end.  The settings are richly detailed, and the characters are so real-to-life that it is easy to get sucked into and awake hours later realizing everything in the real world was forgotten while reading this story.

The end promises that we’ll see Deacon Munroe again.  I look forward to his story continuing as the series grows. Additionally, I’d look forward to this story hitting the big screen as it could easily cross over to a screen adaptation.

For more information about Ethan Cross and his other works please visit his website at

Also see his author page at his publisher The Story Plant at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by The Story Plant and Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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