Book Review: A Historical Romance with plenty of mystery and adventure thrown in for good measure!


Hearts Made Whole

By Jody Hedlund

In the second of the Beacon of Hope series, twenty year old, Caroline Taylor takes over the duties as Lake St. Clair lighthouse keeper. Her father was the keeper of the light until he became ill. In 1865 Michigan women fought to attain jobs that were equal to men. Headstrong Caroline is no exception to that fight.  Caroline becomes the head of the family after her father’s death. Her seventeen year old sister, Tessa takes care of the keeper’s cottage and the ten year old twin brothers.  The youngest sister, Sarah, has a muscular degenerative disease that keeps her bedridden.

The lighthouse superintendent, Mr. Finnick, does not like the Taylor family and especially doesn’t like that Caroline is tending the light. He believes women should be in their place in the home, that only men can adequately tend the light. He hires a civil war veteran to add to Caroline’s misery, giving her a week to move out of the keeper’s cottage.

Ryan Chambers is the newly hired war veteran that is haunted by PTSD. He lost a portion of his hand during Gettysburg ’63. Battling the ghosts of war, his pain killer addiction, and a belief that war turned him into a monster, he wants to redeem himself with his new job. That is, until he meets the Taylor family and realizes he is displacing them from their home.

Trouble ensues and conflict arises that makes this story an entertaining read. The story is not short of villains, but leaves you guessing as to which is the true villain that nearly kills several family members.

Author Jody Hedlund is an expert at taking the reader through a time travel experience back into the past. She has captured the very essence of the daily life of courageous women that defied the societal pressures of that era. The Beacon of Hope series is more than just a Christian historical romance, the series models the strength that should inspire young women today. The series documents what the women of the past had to endure so the women of today could have the freedoms they enjoy today.

Hearts Made Whole is a wonderful example of faith, love and overcoming the personal demons that haunt humanity. Whether it is the life threatening PTSD, or the self-inflicted pressure to be everything for everyone at all times, no person’s burdens are more than the other, but with faith, friends and family anything can be overcome.

This story continues from Love Unexpected the first in the Beacon of Hope series, as Ryan Chambers is the brother of Emma Chambers featured in the first book.  While his role in the first book is as a supporting character, he learns the basic of light house keeping duties from his sister before he leaves for war.

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