Book Review: The Wildwater Walking Club

Book Review:


The Wildwater Walking Club

By Claire Cook

In classic Claire Cook style, she has done it again. The reader can’t help but feel inspired after reading The Wildwater Walking Club. In her tell-tale style, Claire Cook has created a cast of characters that the reader will want to befriend. The theme of reinventing oneself at any age added to the importance of true friendship makes this story easy to step into and follow along the path of the characters.

Noreen “Nora” is an executive at a shoe corporation; her department specializes in branding and marketing. When the corporation is bought out by another, the incoming team vies with current employees for the positions available. Nora is seduced by a man who really wants her position and convinces her to take a buyout.

Nora suddenly has 18 months of pay with no job prospects and a ton of time on her hands. She takes a pair of the shoes she worked tirelessly to promote and puts them on. Wanting to get out to do something she starts walking and her neighbor, Tess Tabares, joins her on daily walking excursions. They share their troubles and offer solutions to each other, and then another neighbor, Rosemary “Rosie” Stockton joins in as well.

The story follows a trio of friendship that analyzes what is really important in their lives. They have an adventure across the country at a lavender festival that brings inspiration, relaxation and solutions to the problems awaiting them back home.

This is a great story of women uplifting each other amidst troubles that can make any disposition sour.  After reading it, any woman would want to start a walking club to share in the joy that Nora achieves through her walking group.

At the end of the novel, Claire Cook has placed a Walking Group Guide to inspire others to “start a walking revolution-one step at a time!”

She also lists a Book Club Questions guide to spark the discussion of this wonderful story.

For more information about Claire Cook’s other books and lecturing schedule visit her website at:


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