Book Review: ARIVACA Guardians of the Light

Book Review:


ARIVACA: Guardians of the Light

By John Poulsen

Debut Author John Poulsen weaves a fascinating tale about an 18 year old troubled youth, Jesse, who will inherit more than he’s ever dreamed. Jesse gets into trouble, appears in court and instead of going to jail, an unknown person intercedes on his behalf. He is sent to a therapeutic boarding school for young men called the Arivaca Ranch. From the moment he arrived at the ranch, things change drastically for Jesse. While he knew he was physically strong and had superior athletic speed, he finally learns why.

Evil comes into play when he meets a guardian of an ancient biblical relic that wants Jesse to take over guardianship. The story adventure is a little bit of Holes, meets Indiana Jones with an added layer of supernatural adversaries to keep Jesse on his toes.

He meets Cedar who becomes his co-guardian as a shield to cloak the relic from others finding it. As tradition of guardians, a legacy is passed down from each generation of guardian to the next. Only Jesse’s guardianship takes many unexpected turns as catastrophe upon catastrophe hinder his new guardianship.

The relic, the ancient Breastplate of Judgment with the oracle device Urim and Thummin together with the Rod of Aaron and the Ark of the Covenant all date to the time of Moses. All three disappeared from the Bible when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed in 600 B.C.  This is where John Poulsen’s tale takes the reins of history to create a wonderful cast of characters that must keep these supernatural relics from the hands of Satan and his followers.  This is the first of a trilogy as the story continues with Jesse and Cedar searching out the other guardians of the other two relics.  They know each are in danger. With the combination of the three guardians and the three shields, they will have to continue in battling the evil that wants the relics at all costs.

To learn when the sequels will be coming out, follow John Poulsen through his Goodreads account at:

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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