Book Review: The Fear Cure- Fear can harm you when its the wrong kind of fear.

Book Review:


The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul

by Lissa Rankin

“While true fear is always protective and not something you want to lose, false fear can make the body sick if you don’t know how to handle it in a healthy way.” (Lissa Rankin)

“When the mind shifts from fear to love, the mind can heal the body and its not some fuzzy New Age metaphysical thing. It’s simple physiology.” (Lissa Rankin)

The Fear Cure is not about conquering that “fight or flight” response of fear. We need that fear to keep us safe from death threatening harm. It’s the physiological response when we let stress and the fear of unknown, the psychological fear that in turn creates havoc on our bodies that can be cured through the exercises in this book.

Dr. Rankin discusses how fear makes you sick. She provides scientific proof how the fear of everyday stresses deteriorates our bodies. When many in the medical community scoff at the idea that our minds create much of the diseases of the body, Dr. Rankin brings it to the forefront of conversation.

In part one of the book she discusses how fear makes a person sick. In part two of the book she continues with the truth of fear, discerning between what true fears are and what is imaginary stress scenarios.  She discusses how as a culture we cling to certainty and the fear of uncertainty that rules how we decide on the course of life. She lists personal scenarios where she herself was put in physical danger and then how the stress scenarios that followed kept her in the state of fear response beyond what was needed to keep her safe. With more stories of patients and friends, she continues teaching by example of pitfalls in life that created fear and how they overcame that fear to grow and survive.

In part three of the book she gives the prescription of change to free yourself. She says from her ride on an adventurous roller coaster ride, “If you’re able to trust that you’re safe, fear can be transformed into a thrill. Without trust, fear is just plain scary.”

She discusses ways to cultivate courage through moving beyond the comfort zone but in a safe manner. She discusses find trust in something to be an anchor so the cognitive mind can feel safe; so the cognitive mind can release its grip on certainty. In releasing control of avoiding uncertainty, a person can let courage be the place where they make decisions rather than a place of fear.

Dr. Rankin teaches that this false fear will always be there as it is impossible to quiet that fear-filled voice inside the mind, but the volume of that voice will be turned down so low that decisions aren’t made because of it. Instead it becomes a milestone marker with which to gauge progress. She finishes by asking “Who would you be if fear wasn’t stopping you?” with her six steps to cultivating courage anyone can follow the 27 detailed exercises to improve their lives, to heal themselves from the false fear response.

For more information about Dr. Lissa Rankin’s work and her other books please visit her website at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only by Hay House Publishing. No other compensation was awarded.


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