Book Review: Must Love Dogs- A delightful beginning to a series!

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Book Review:

Must Love Dogs

By Claire Cook

Renowned author, Claire Cook, started out with Must Love Dogs, a novel she wrote during her daughter’s early morning swim practices. Now this novel has been turned into a movie adaptation and is the beginning of a series of books.

It is hilarious as she follows a divorced preschool teacher, Sarah Hurlihy, as she re-enters the dating world. This novel details one Irish family’s close-knit bond and how that can help or hinder any dating prospects. The antics her family plays brings much laughter and chaos into Sarah’s life. It is a roller-coaster ride of laughter and tears, tears from laughing so hard. The detail is so rich the reader melts into Sarah’s world and feels the pain and frustration along with the triumphs as Sarah feels them.

The lovely thing about this book is how it shows that a woman barely 40 can reinvent her life and still find happiness and fulfillment. That “mid-life” does not have to be a curse if a woman is faced with starting over.  Some things take time to bloom to their full potential as is the case with Sarah Hurlihy.

It is a wonderful story full of ups and downs as internet dating has been known to do. Add in the family dynamics and how Sarah deals with her family member’s crisis showcases how familial love can set a broken heart on the path to mending. The cast of characters are delightful and so true to life the reader will want to be friends with them.

Be sure to look up the other books in the series: #2 New Leash on Life and #3 Fetch You Later with the possibility of more to come.

Claire Cook has several other books, non-fiction and fiction that are worth looking into, please visit her website at:


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