Book Review: College (Un)Bound

cover62434-mediumBook Review:

College (Un)bound

The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

Jeffrey J. Selingo

Every parent of a high-school and middle-school student should read this book. It will open the eyes of the public to what is going on in higher academia behind the closed golden gates. As tuition increases each year, the question is raised how much is too much? When will it stop and at what point does that little piece of paper (degree) become too expensive and not worth the enormous debt to earn it?

Most employers require a degree from new hires, but when too many graduates can’t find work in their degree field, to what end will the colleges finally take responsibility? The colleges look like resorts, not institutions of learning. Academia no longer prides itself on learning as the priority; instead it’s the sports stadiums, rock climbing walls, leisure pools and spring-break atmosphere in order to lure prospective students to apply. Its business, the more students willing to pay the high prices, the more the colleges earn.

Author Jeffrey Selingo takes the reader through the history of what colleges used to be, and what they are now today; it is frightening to see what has become of them. It is equally as frightening to realize society still holds the degree as a golden ticket towards success in life. With the new reality it simply is not true. Graduates are now questioning if that amount of debt post graduation is really worth it when they are only in minimum wage jobs.

The author chronicles how online education, MOOCs and online lectures of Ivy League professors are paving a new path for entrance to college. With the ease and access for anyone to learn, the priority of learning for the sake of learning takes on new meaning. He details how alternative credentials of completion are being invented such as badges and accomplishment certificates.  He mentions how the student only going to one school their entire academic career is moving towards an ala carte career to attain the needed requirements from many means.

As the children of today grow up towards college they will change the way teaching is done. They are so connected digitally that traditional means of teaching has to be reexamined. So what is the future of higher education in America? You’ll have to read this book for Jeffery Selingo’s vision of what the college campuses of tomorrow will look like.

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FTC Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this title from Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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