Book Review: Beyond Past Lives


Book Review:

Beyond Past Lives

By Mira Kelley

It has been said that more people on the earth believe in past lives than those who don’t. It wouldn’t matter which side of the fence you fall, this book has wonderful recommendations for improving behavior and relationships to benefit any reader. You can be a skeptic of past live and still find relatable insights to improve your life.

However, for those that do believe, this book has a unique theory that all lives are happening simultaneously. As time in the scope usually defined by humans, doesn’t exist beyond this physical plane. Mira Kelley explains why this concept is so important in healing lives and relationship today. She cites examples of quantum physics that correlate and define this theory.

From numerous examples of case studies of her clients, she weaves stories of healing and life transformations. She explains to the reader how relating these things to the reader’s past (concurrent) lives can give “aha” moments to move the soul along it journey of discovery. While it focuses on the therapy aspect of hypnosis to clear thinking and heal your life, it includes so much more.

Beyond Past Lives is more than a treatise of hypnotherapy and delving into past life regression; Mira Kelley explains how each chapter is a lesson: “Exploring your past allows you to heal your present.” She teaches in chapter two that “All Lives are simultaneous.” Then she details in chapter three, “Every choice creates a new reality” and “You can converse with your higher self” in chapter four.

Her lessons and examples include, “Everything reflects you,” “Forgive yourself and Others”, “You can play with time”, “You can heal your body”, “You have the right to love yourself”, and “Trust yourself and follow your excitement.”

Mira Kelley practices regression herself to heal emotional and physical ailments she has encountered. When she was working as an attorney after law-school she began to have debilitating pain. When the medical professionals couldn’t help her, she consulted a regression practitioner. She was so amazed by the spontaneous healing that she began studying regression therapy with prominent practitioners. Her faith in the process and the spiritual lessons she has witnessed and learned led the way to this book.

She states that this book isn’t to validate whether reincarnation is real, or whether regressions is viable, she wants to share the tremendous benefits of how her client’s life has changed as a result of regression. The lessons are universal and everybody can find healing.

Please visit Mira Kelly’s website for information about her lecture schedule, coaching sessions and meditations available at

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.


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