Book Review: “Dreams don’t have an expiration date!”


Book Review:


Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention (without getting lost along the way)

by Claire Cook

You know her from her Best Selling Novel Must Love Dogs; now Author Claire Cook ventures into non-fiction into the Self-Help realm with her book on reinvention. This gem is full of funny anecdotes as Claire chronicles how she became a best selling author.

It doesn’t stop there, she tells how she reinvented herself to become that best selling author and she encourages others to find themselves through reinvention as well. She says Reinvention is the theme to her novels and the story of her life. She has carried through on this theme to workshops, women’s conferences, book events and whatnot to spread the message that anyone can reinvent themselves; that the choices they made in the college years do not dictate what they can still do in the midlife to later-in-life years.

She encourages those who haven’t fulfilled the dream they created when they were young, can unbury that dream and still fulfill it at any age. She tells her wonderful bits of wisdom in, of course, story form as the reader follows Claire to a conference in Mexico where she will be a keynote speaker. She tells the tales of what she has learned along the way and hopes that through her trials and errors lessons can be learned so others don’t have to make those same mistakes.

She gives you steps to take to re-realize your dream, or to come up with a new one; how to break it into manageable chunks, shake off fear, set goals and become accountable. She talks about how to overcome nay-sayers that want to squash your dream because you have to courage to go after it. As you read her story, you don’t realize the lessons she is teaching because of the entertaining way she tells the tale. As a reader, you easily visualize her world as she takes you along on her journey and by the end of the chapter you realize the lessons that were so expertly woven into her adventures.

As you ponder what your dream is, how you are going to attain it, you’ll be laughing and crying along with Claire. She puts her arm through yours and takes you along a roadmap to infinite possibilities. Many of the stories revolve around the novelist’s world, but she intertwines stories from people she has met at conferences that aren’t writers. This book is for everyone, not just those that want to write for a living.

Make sure to visit her website for the free accompanying workbook.



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