Book Review: The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide

Book Review:

51r8cg6ox5L__AA160_: Every Indie Author’s Essential Directory-To Help You Prepare, Publish, and Promote Professional Looking Books

By Joel Friedlander and Betty Kelly Sargent

This Resource guide is supposed to be a self publisher’s go-to guide for every aspect of the process from A-Z in publishing your own book. It has already received quality endorsements from well known authorities in the self-publishing business.

I have mixed feelings on this guide. One it is a fact that it is a categorized grouping of websites for every aspect of self publishing; however, it is lacking in editorial content. With enough research, all of these websites can be found on the internet without buying this guide.

However, it will save the self-publisher time. Time is most precious when resources are running low, or a block wall is met and the new writer doesn’t know where else to turn. This book leads the way for the writer to research these websites on their own. It gives them that all important road map to lead the way, but it doesn’t discuss much else.

The heading for each chapter/section is thin on experienced advice. The listings are excellent for the reader to research and having them all in one place is a handy reference guide. I only wished it had more substance than a small paragraph heading.

If a writer wanted only a quick guide to find the steps to self publish, this is their guide. If they don’t want the hassle of searching the wide web and weeding out the good from the bad, then they definitely want to buy this book. If they are looking for more guidance, or more discussion on each of the topics/categories they will need to look elsewhere or wait for the update. One of the great things about these authors is their admitting this isn’t a finished product. It is an ongoing, updateable resource as websites change or close. Ask yourself what it is you are needing from this book; you just might find it within its pages.

FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.

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