Book Review: Love Unexpected


Love Unexpected

(Beacons of Hope Series #1)

By Jody Hedlund

In Jody Hedlund’s new series, she captures the mystique of historical lighthouses and the heroic people that manned them. Even more amazing are the women that held these positions as they were rare indeed.

In Love Unexpected, you’ll meet Emma Chambers who becomes one of these unlikely heroes. Her story begins when she and her brother, Ryan, face death when pirates commandeer and destroy the steamboat they have passage on.

They are pulled from the icy waters of Lake Michigan by the lighthouse keeper, Patrick Garraty. The little town of Presque Isle becomes there refuge until they can continue to Detroit to start their lives over.

After the pirates stole the little money they had, they had to find a way to earn their tickets to Detroit. Destitute, they inquire within the town for work and shelter. Emma happens upon two-year-old Josiah who has wandered away from his mother’s funeral. She occupies him while Patrick finishes the services. As the situation progresses she finds a way out of her destitution when Reverend Holy Bill proposes that she weds Patrick to be Josiah’s mother and assistant lighthouse keeper.

Patrick’s past comes back to wreck havoc on his life and Emma gets caught up in the turmoil. She lacks the self confidence to run a household let alone be the primary caregiver of a precocious two year old. When seeds of doubt are sown, she fears for her life and that of Josiah. Although wed, Patrick and Emma have to battle inner demons to overcome the obstacles that prevent their love. They both yearn for love that has been elusive to them. In the end, it is forgiveness of themselves and self confidence that they are worthy for the unexpected love that blossoms between them. When secrets are revealed, they find solace in prayer and relief in revelations that free them from guilt. They are able to finally have the happy ending they both deserve.

Jody Hedlund’s writing style takes the reader on a glorious tour into the past. With this new series based on the lives of Lighthouse women, readers are insured of more wonderful tales of adventure of these pioneering women. It is admirable that Hedlund brings the stories of how women like these persevered leading the way for today’s generations. They are women of faith, of strength and of remarkable fortitude.


Be sure to visit Jody Hedlund’s website to read about the prequel, Out of the Storm (Beacons of Hope Series): A Novella that directly ties in a gift Patrick gives Emma.



FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.




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