Book Review: Novella-The Thursday Night Club


The Thursday Night Club: A Tale of Christmas Spirit

By Steven Manchester

Steven Manchester’s mind is a deep well of emotional themes. He has told many wonderful stories and this is no exception. His style weaves poignant messages of hope, faith and love throughout his novels. Each one is a new treasure. Again Steven Manchester has written a beautiful story, its message of what giving selflessly truly means.

With The Thursday Night Club, he has brought together a cast of college-aged characters that struggle through a devastating upheaval of their lives. They learn much more than their diplomas will ever teach them when the University of Life teaches them a harsher lesson. It is with this turmoil that their true character shines through the veneer of their everyday lives. When life hands a person such heartbreak and grief, does that person hide from the world and blame everyone or does that person seek to honor the memory by doing great acts of kindness to others?

The message I received when reading this novella pertains to everyone, not only those that grieve the loss of a loved one. In life we have the choice to honor the very essence of life by giving to others, by being good stewards toward all humanity. Or the opposite choice of being selfish and self absorbed thinking of only gaining material possessions at all cost to those around us. I like the quote that people don’t discuss what a person owns at a funeral, they describe the acts and generosity of that person. They discuss how that person lived their life, their deeds, and their character of strength.

At a holiday that can lead to an excess of wish-lists, this story is a wonderful reminder that giving of oneself is the ultimate gift that doesn’t have to cost money. Just as the Grinch learned that giving makes his heart grow, the lesson is when you give of yourself you inadvertently receive just as much love in return.

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FTC Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this title for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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