Book Review: What would you do for love if it encompassed your entire world?

20702760  Book Review:

What It Was Like

by Peter Seth


 The narrator of What It Was Like probably would ask, “What wouldn’t you do for love?” He is in prison at the beginning of the story as he tells the tale of young romance. It’s his last summer before heading off to college and he spends it working as a camp counselor. He meets Rachel, not yet graduated from High School, who is related to the camp owner. Although warned not to “go there” as she is nothing but trouble on two legs, he doesn’t listen. His heart is captured and his ruination is begun.

They both fall hard for each other, but love can be blind as it is for our narrator. Rachel is dealing with emotional turmoil that she is not mature enough to navigate. With her parent’s divorce and her future after high school being dictated to her, she rebels taking our narrator along for the ride.

This story is a warning of what can wrong with obsessive young love, especially when you are young enough to think you know everything. Lives can be ruined when reasonable thought about consequences is not in the equation. When it comes to love most young adults don’t think with their mind, it is the same with our two lovebirds. They lose themselves in their own world albeit he loses more of himself in her world.

This story was slow to start but built up speed to a tumultuous fever pitch as love often does. It is a great beginning of a career for Peter Seth.

For more information about Peter Smith, visit his publisher’s website:



FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by The Story Plant for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.









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