Book Review: Steven Manchester is the Norman Rockwell of Literature!

Book Review





Pressed Pennies

By Steven Manchester

In what is becoming his signature style Steven Manchester fuses raw emotion with nostalgia to meticulously craft another endearing story. With Pressed Pennies, he follows Rick and Abby, two childhood sweet-hearts just blossoming in their teenage love.  They were forced apart by unfortunate circumstances. Years later after traumatic love lives, they once again bump into each other. Whether by grand design or happenstance, they try to rekindle what once was.  Abby has a nine-year old daughter, Paige, from her former marriage. Paige, still clinging to the hope that she will be loved unconditionally and become a priority in her father’s life, does not want Rick in her mother’s life.  

 This trio has to learn to heal their hearts and their disappointments, two from marriages gone awry and a daughter that only wants love from her distant father. As Abby and Rick take turns down memory lane, they find themselves growing up and growing toward each other in ways they didn’t suspect they would. The lesson that sometimes one has to sacrifice for love is as important today as it was when they were separated years ago.  When a token of remembrance is found in a wallet, it reminds that love is never far from the heart even when physical distance keeps people apart.  This story reminds readers that it is possible to overcome emotional odds, to achieve the great love everyone is searching for.

 Fans of Steven Manchester will revel in this latest novel. He is among the ranks of the other great authors of this story-style. It shouldn’t be long before his stories are captured by Hollywood and he will be known as they are.    

 To read other works by Steven Manchester visit his website at:





FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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