Book Review: Surrender: Not giving up, trusting the power inside yourself!

Book Review:


The Ecstasy of Surrender

12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life

By Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff heralds an intriguing idea of how to better one’s life by reducing stress and having more fun in life. Not the touted anti-“All Work and No Play” adage, but a way of conquering fears and inner resistances by being less serious. She says people tend to become too uptight, constantly battling to get through blocks without success. They obsess and attach emotions and themselves to other people, ideas, and a certain outcome which leads to unhealthy mental anxiousness.

She dispels the myth that surrendering is only defined by the warrior mentality of giving up, or waving the white flag in defeat. It also means to give completely, as in to yourself, instead of the ego; a way of mastering one’s life without giving up power. There is an assertiveness involved in being able to choose when to say no and when to acquiesce. By learning to communicate more effectively with others as well as oneself, it can free one from the bonds of mental obsession that block goals from being accomplished. Sometimes you have to let go to move ahead. Let serenity in to get past one’s resistances.  

This book involves all aspects of life, from relationships (stop worrying), accepting change (honor proper timing), financial hard times (enjoy the good), health/weight issues (self-care), etc.  

Judith Orloff is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA along with her private practice. It is with the experience of this therapy on herself and her patients that led her to write this book and share it with the world.

She incorporates a blended wisdom of mainstream medicine and “complementary fields of intuitive and energy medicine” then combines an aspect of spirituality to have an all-encompassing skill set in healing.

She breaks down surrender into four main types, intellectual, physical/sensual, emotional, and spiritual.  She then divides the book into six parts: “An Introduction to Letting Go”, Part One “Power and Money”, Part Two “Reading People and Communication”, Part Three “Relationships, Love, and Sensuality”, Part Four “Mortality and Immortality: Cycles of Light”, Part Five “Embracing Ecstasy”.

She organizes the book so that the reader can go directly to the topic pertaining to their needs or to read straight through. There are tools, quizzes and exercises in each chapter related to each topic to help gain a deeper understanding.


To see other works by Judith Orloff visit her website at:



FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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