Book Review: A Look into the Seedy Side of Human Trafficking!




The Harbour Master

 By Daniel Pembrey

 Author Daniel Pembrey’s latest novella is definitely a pleasurable read! He’s packed a lot of punch into this shorter story form with a mystery/thriller/suspense combo. There is intrigue from the get-go when cop Henk van der Pol finds a dead woman floating in his beloved harbour. He’s about to retire but resents the way things are now being done in his precinct. When a cover-up of the murder proves not all is as it seems, and the ensuing politics threaten to change the status quo, he wonders who he can trust. Even his wife, who is a veteran reporter for the local newspaper witnesses the same politics urging change within her office.  Political mayhem and criminal cooperation lead down a dangerous road with the trail leading all the way to the top of the powerful.  

 Henk finds himself doubting his motives, ethics and morals when danger threatens his family. He can’t get over the emotional turmoil at the thought that the younger woman he found dead could have been his own daughter.  How far will he go to solve this crime? How far will he leave police procedure to do what is right, even if it costs him his job?

 This novella touches on the brutal abuse women undergo within human trafficking rings; and how the general public ignores the plight of these young women. It gives a peek into the minds of the greedy, self-serving men who enslave them into servitude; and their careless prerogative of who gets injured in the process.

 Author Daniel Pembrey is stretching his writing wings with this latest title, proving he is adept at telling a compelling story.  If you’ve enjoyed his other works, you will surely enjoy this one as well.  The Harbour Master will be available exclusively through Amazon staring on Tuesday, April 1st.


To learn more about Daniel Pembrey’s list of titles visit his website at:



FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.




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