Book Review: Would You Travel Back in Time to Save The Future of Humans?





The Here and Now

Ann Brashares




Author Ann Brashares paints a picture of a bleak future where greed and corruption terrorize the earth. A plague decimates the future societies of earth forcing those immune to find a solution to the pandemic. When twelve-year-old Prenna James joins a group that travel back in time, they wonder if they can prevent the plague from happening without deteriorating the time continuum.


That day she crossed through the portal, she lands in a river where she meets Ethan Jarvis fishing on the shoreline. She doesn’t seem him again until five years later when the adventure truly begins.  Together they try to unravel the lies they’ve been told by her people and try to free her people from the corrupt leaders of her group.  So many questions they need answered: Is it enough that they were saved? What happens to those they love in the future? Is there any future beyond the time they left? What can they do now to save their family and friends and why aren’t the group leaders doing anything besides hiding in this time period?


When one man puts his greed before the welfare of others, a chain of events begin. He isn’t aware of his dire mistake or the severe repercussions of his actions.  When his mistake comes to light, Prenna and Ethan have difficult decisions to make. The outcome of their decision could have dire consequences, are they willing to sacrifice to avoid the same mistakes that put them in that situation to begin with?  


Author Ann Brashares crafts a wonderful tale with a theme of love, sacrifice and service to others. There is the underlying thread of consequences of actions and whether our decisions affect others, but it isn’t preachy at all.  It is an enjoyable read, an adventure that leaves the reader pondering whether they would make the same choices if they were in that situation.


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FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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