Book Review: The Philosophy of Yoga Utilized to End the Cycles of Diet Madness!


The Yoga of Food
Wellness from the Inside Out
Melissa Grabau PhD

Therapist Melissa Grabau takes a unique approach by tackling multiple issues that affect women and men everyday. It deals with issues of people that struggle with their relationship with food and struggle with their weight as a direct result.

Her aim is to teach how “to live well in our bodies– by managing hungers, balancing pleasure and restraint and to regulate energies to face the challenges of daily life.” When societal pressures to be certain weight effect a person’s self-esteem it leads to the physical situation detriment the psychological; which in turn can affect the physical again in disease. It is a vicious cycle that if not broken can lead to dire health consequences.

This book aims to unite the “purpose of eating” with the “principles of yoga philosophy” to facilitate changes in nutritional habits to ensure living well.

Even though the information has esoteric origins, the self-reflective exercises can lead the reader to shift their awareness away from the trappings of the weight loss industry into an inner awareness to gain wisdom and understanding.

Therapist Melissa Grabau divides her book into three sections: One describes self by a yogic perspective; two introduces the relation of physical, energy and mental bodies; three discusses harnessing the power of the mind. All of these in tandem will take the reader through a changing process.

From her direct experience of her relationship with food, she writes from the perspective of a person having fought the battles that the average person goes through. By her example she discusses ways to rise above the Standard American Diet which she believes creates a depression that affects the mind, body, and soul. Adding in the stressful lifestyle and obsession with body shape it leads to the diseases Americans are dealing with everyday. She utilizes the healing power of yoga philosophy intertwined with the yoga practice and complemented with the psychological counseling to address the serious issue of negative food relationships.

For more information regarding Witness Therapy and Melissa Grabau’s services visit her website at:

FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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