Book Review: Made To Order Program for Women Over 40!





Happy Hormones, Slim Belly

By Jorge Cruise





As women age, they are hit with an onslaught of physical issues and weight gain is just one of them. Jorge Cruise has taken dietary scientific studies and combined them with waist-whittling recipes in a new approach specifically designed for women over 40.


Women crave certain sugary foods because of the hormones wrecking havoc on the body. Jorge offers a way to counteract these hormones by balancing them with proper food choices.


He corrects misconceptions and stereotypes that have been misleading the public for decades when it comes to calories and the proper calories we should be consuming. Not all calories are created equal which brings us to his mantra of “Count only Sugar Calories” and “Carb Cycling.” In his program, he suggest keeping sugar calories to a minimal 100 sugar calories a day to keep insulin level without the spikes associated with increased amounts of sugar.


Ultimately insulin is the ruler of fat in the body, whether it’s telling the body to make fat, store fat or burn fat. It is insulin that is in control. To lose weight and maintain that loss, you need to control the insulin. He wants the reader to shift their thinking about what constitutes as sugar, especially when a loaf of bread is all carbohydrate calories which turns into glucose which is sugar (sugar calories). He goes one step further because the plan of counting sugar calories is excellent for losing weight for women of any age but adds in specific information if you are over 40.  See, for women going through pre-menopausal changes, certain sugar calories may benefit them in losing weight; the key is in knowing which ones to avoid and which ones to consume.


“Happy Hormones, Slim Belly is not a quick fix, but it does deliver big results without you ever feeling deprived.” This alone is the failure of most diets; the promise of grandiose claims and a menu full of restrictions of limited calories. Jorge’s plan is neither of those; he is honest in his approach. The menu will never leave you feeling you are missing out or that you are starving into nothingness.


He urges that using extreme diets of starvation or hitting the gym exclusively will not lead to long term weight loss. With his plan of  2 “Slim” days and 5 “Happy” days, he guarantees a 7 lb. loss in the first week and a 2 lb. loss weekly thereafter. He has three plans designed to customize to the fluctuating hormones of the female body. This is revolutionary when most programs are designed on male bodies and only use male test subjects in the research.


After the meal plans are detailed week by week, the last half of the book is filled with recipes that are appetizing and delectable. They are filled with easy foods and not some obscure ingredient only found in specialty stores.  These aren’t the only tools Jorge has to offer. Throughout the book he offers little tidbits of advice with links to online recipes, videos, tips and reports.


 For more information visit his website at:



FTC Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this title by Hay House Publishing for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.






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