Book Review: If You or a Family Member Has Diabetes, They Must Read This Book!




The Diabetes Breakthrough

A Scientifically Proven Program to Lose Weight, Cut Medications and Reverse Diabetes

Osama Hamdy, Sheri Colberg



At an affiliate of Harvard Medical School the Joslin Diabetes Center has been conducting research on this ground breaking plan with astonishing results. This book chronicles a step-by-step process that the center uses daily for its patients.


The plan is for 12 weeks—that’s only 3 months to a renewed life style that can reverse the diabetes diagnosis.  The amazing thing about this book is that it isn’t just another fad diet book aimed at getting more people duped to line the pockets of the authors.  This book is based on real-world results with a renowned Diabetes Center. In an offer to help many more people than what can attend the center, this book is an extension of the Center reaching out to anyone willing to put in the work. It can be used in conjunction with local healthcare providers. It teaches what the popular diabetic drugs do to the body so you can discuss with your doctor which ones you should really be taking. Which ones help you stabilize your blood sugars and which ones hinder weight loss even leading to weight gain.


The book starts out by teaching what happens in the body with excessive sugars that triggers diabetes. Then it shows step by step how to change a lifestyle by detailing a day-by-day diet plan. There are numerous recipes making the diet versatile and do-able. Add in the week-by-week exercises and physical improvement plan that rounds out the program for a whole-body approach.  There are workout plans with illustrations, charts and pictures that can be done at home or in a gym. If this program can work for the patients at the Center that devote themselves to changing their lifestyle, then it can work for the reader too!


For more information about the Why WAIT program visit the website at:




FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.  


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