Book Review: Hindsight Always Gives a Clearer Perspective, What Can You Learn From It?



I Can See Clearly Now

Wayne W. Dyer

Could Wayne Dyer add spiritual advisor/counselor to his list of attributes? He is known for his motivational speaking. He is known for taking a single idea of bettering one’s life, expounding it and sharing it with the world. He is known for being a leader in the self-development field. Yet it is rarely mentioned of his being a spiritual advisor.


I Can See Clearly Now is his perspective of growing up, his perspective of seeing how the people that came into his life did so for a reason. He chronicles his life chapter by chapter, detailing the people he met that taught him something about himself. Looking in hindsight he notices that there were perfect alignments of people coming into his life just when he needed to make a decision in a major turning point.  It was his choice after all, but these synchronicities gave him pertinent information to make the decisions in which to steer his life to where it is today.


For readers expecting Wayne’s usual style of writing, this book takes a different course. It is an autobiography, but he still finds a way to impart life lessons in each chapter. Call it teaching by example. Even though at the time of each of these happenings, he didn’t know he would eventually use them to teach a lesson, a life message. 


He says that there is one particular insight that the universe has intelligence behind life in each and every creation, each and every creature; basically that we are all part of a One universal mind. That nothing happens by accident, the Universal Mind/Intelligence synchronizes events, people, places for inspiration of “beauty, love, and truth”.  He says, “This invisible intelligence…offers something for you in every moment-in every encounter every situation, every circumstance… offering you a choice to grab a hold …to travel in a new direction, or to ignore it and attribute it to nothing more than chance.”   


He urges his readers to apply an “unobstructed view” to every aspect of our lives, to “see” differently regarding “these momentous shifts” that the invisible force is offering. He says we have a choice to really see, to pay attention because it could reward us with a new path, perhaps risky, perhaps beneficial. Or we can stay in a version of life dictated by culture and familial traditions that by chance limit our aspirations. He urges people to become a more conscious person now instead of waiting to almost the end of a long life to reflect on the lessons learned. He urges his readers to ask of every stranger met, “What might I learn from this right here, right now?” as that stranger showed up in life at the right time and place for a reason.


Why is he urging his readers to do this? Because the teachers are always there, always “coincidentally” falling into the exact moment and if you are not ready to “see” them, the universe has to wait until you are ready. You have to wait until you are ready to better your higher self, to awaken your awareness. To make discoveries that will not only enrich your life, but universally as well; to make miracles happen by serving others with unconditional love. He urges his readers to “See Clearly Now”



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FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.


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