Book Review: Can The Dead Reach Back to Exact Revenge?






By Natasha Mostert


A re-release of Natasha Mostert’s debut novel, a fantastic tale of obsessive love gone awry unleashes a powerful story filled with suspense and terrifying thrills. Again mysticism takes a crucial role in this story, but makes it so much more than merely a ghost story.


For readers that love the Occult and Life after Death, this story will sure to please.  Can a ghost manipulate a telephone to make a call after her death? Can Lucid dreaming be a doorway into the unnatural world beyond life? Can true love, not obsessive love, forgive when ruination was delivered upon them?


Isabelle De Witt wakes from a dream of mourning her recently deceased lover when her telephone rings. It is her cousin, Alette, who is supposed to be in London. Later that day Isa, in her design office in South Africa receives a call from a London solicitor informing her of Alette’s death. The kicker, Alette died two days ago, so how could she have called that very morning?


Isabelle is asked to travel to London to deal with Alette’s affairs, in more way than one. Being the sole heir she temporarily moves into Alette’s house where she meets Alette’s ex-husband Justin as he enters uninvited in the middle of the night.


She is compelled by letters written by Alette prior to her death to help enact revenge against Justin. The phone calls don’t stop as Alette haunts Isa into doing her bidding. Secrets are revealed that propel Isa into agreeing to bring justice for Alette. Hi-jinks ensue and forbidden relationships blossom. Guilt and fear lead Isa into deathly situations all the while she is still being manipulated by her cousin’s ghost. Truths become evident that twists the story once again leading to an unexpected ending.  


This thrilling suspenseful story did not disappoint. It is rich in detail and fast paced to keep the reader engaged until the satisfying end. The theme of love beyond the grave is an intriguing concept added to the theme of unrequited, obsessive love and the insecurities of love that compel us to do act unreasonably.  The story brings a new meaning to the adage, Rest in Peace.


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FTC Disclaimer:  I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only, no other compensation was awarded.  





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  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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