Book Review: Can Love Find its Way Through Tragedy and Murder, Across Time and Past Lives?







Natasha Mostert

Author Natasha Mostert had created yet again, an imaginative story so captivating, enthralling and brilliant; the reader can’t help but feel haunted by it after reading.


The story details two lives, both tragic. Privileged Adam Buchanan kills his brother Robert after a lifelong rivalry finally comes to a head. Photojournalist Justine Calloway runs from the recent death of her brother, caused by her carelessness with her cigarette burning their vacation home.  Yet, the tragic circumstances are only one thread tying these two together.


He is a fugitive living on the lam in Namibia. She takes a position as caretaker for the English estate house that his family owned recently sold to an American with plans for an inn/spa. They have never met, not in this lifetime, not in past lifetimes and yet something draws them together across oceans and land like a moth to a flame. A magnetism that defies reason and common sense bringing two souls meant to find one another across the cosmos.


The settings are perfect metaphors for their individual torments. Hers is a rainy English countryside within an eerie, haunted-type mansion, his is an actual ghost town left over from a diamond mining rush amid the sand dunes of an African desert.  The reader is kept guessing if there are actual ghosts or just the eluding of them. Supernatural or mystical forces often come into play but are so subtle and so mixed in with human interaction, it makes the reader wonder what is real.   Add in the thriller of a deranged madman’s obsession and it keeps the reader alert to all that is happening turning page after page.


There is a theme of what makes a person otherwise civil suddenly turn evil with one life altering action. What is the cause of that evil, is it anger? Can it be controlled? Can it be forgiven? Does one action define us? What causes the person to snap into sudden violence? Is it the animalistic nature hidden in each of us?


Natasha Mostert has proven time and time again she can write, and write well. Her stories are woven with so much detail and written so intelligently it is a wonderful glimpse inside her mind.  Her story is dark but ends with a hint of hope. Her story is thought provoking and intense. If Hollywood can find their way to her door, this would be one helluva movie!



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FTC Disclaimer: I was loaned an ARC of this title by Net Galley for review purposes only. No other compensation was awarded.






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